Amy Esp

My parents have worked for themselves as long as I can remember. And if you asked them today, they might tell you that they don't always recommend it. It's hard work, it's emotionally draining, it's scary to rely entirely on your own momentum to provide for your family, build your nest egg, finance your dreams. But even as solo entrepreneurs, you can surround yourself with a team that can provide support, perspective and valuable skills. I want to be on your team.

I have built a career around creatively solving problems, taking an inkling of an idea and bringing it to life. I bring creativity, attention to detail and an innate desire to watch ideas flourish. I thrive in an environment of collaboration, brainstorming and growth. As small business owners, you are calling the shots and making the important choices, but it helps to have an ally that can see problem areas, offer unbiased advice and help you make choices that will lead to the most growth and fulfillment in your career. I recognize that for small business owners, business is personal. And I want to help you make smart choices for success in both areas.

And when I'm not helping you, I'm building my own tiny empire, spending time in the sunshine with my two on-the-go kiddos and scheming my next big thing.

So get in touch and let's get started!

9.30 - 10.30 AM Presentation


Venture Ignition: Your Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success

Are you ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship? Discover the art of starting your own business with the seasoned guidance of Amy Esp. In this enriching presentation, Amy will lead you through a comprehensive exploration of the fundamentals required to kickstart your venture and thrive in the competitive business landscape.

Through her wealth of experience and expertise, Amy Esp will equip you with invaluable insights on establishing a strong foundation for your new business. From crafting a compelling business idea to developing a robust business plan, Amy will walk you through each step of the entrepreneurial journey with clarity and precision.

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an aspiring business owner, this presentation is tailored to inspire, educate, and empower you to turn your passion into a profitable enterprise. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Amy Esp and set yourself on the path to entrepreneurial success.