Kassia Finn

Affirming Care Solutions

Kassia has spent the last decade consulting and coaching professionals, parents, caregivers, and partners on how to be supportive and affirming allies to members of the lgbtqia+ community. It can be overwhelming when someone close to you comes out and Kassia knows this first hand. She is the parent to three children, two of whom are part of the lgbtqia+ community. Working with families and partners to educate on everything from "what even is gender" to "how do we tell grandpa", Kassia has experience in it all. Kassia also creates trainings and consults with healthcare centers, educational institutions, and businesses of all sizes on the best ways to foster a safe environment for employees and the public who seek their services. She has spoken on numerous panels including at the Montana Chapter of The American Academy of Pediatrics yearly conference and frequently testifies in front of local and state government opposing anti-lgbtq+ laws.

11:00 - 12.00 PM Panel

Day 2 - Saturday May 18th

The Customer Experience

In today's competitive business landscape, providing an exceptional customer experience is critical to the success of any organization. Our panel of industry experts will share their insights and experiences on how to create a customer-centric culture and provide a seamless customer journey.

4.00 - 7:00PM Networking

Day 1 - Friday May 17th


Access a sneak preview of Beast Your Biz! the evening before with this networking event to kick-off the conference. We will have music, complimentary appetizers and a no-host bar while you mingle with speakers, panelists, sponsors and fellow attendees. This is a fabulous way to make personal contacts with entrepreneurs to help guide you on your way to success!