Micah Larsen

Marketing Mother-Hustler

Hi, I’m Micah.

I’m a marketing guide for women business owners who want to support their households without feeling icky or inauthentic about selling their stuff.

And, if you’d told me about 10 years ago that this is what I’d be doing, I’d have been pretty darn surprised.

I also would’ve been, like: “Whose kid is THAT?”

Because, back then, I was folding thongs and selling bras part-time at Victoria’s Secret and getting ready to publish social science research on how to influence people to have safe sex.

I know … it’s an interesting combo.

I never thought I’d have kids of my own, and I was going to either get my PhD in persuasion research or work for the CIA.

I didn’t do either of those things. Instead, I:

  • wrote speeches in the Texas House of Representatives

  • I donated my eggs and helped a couple I didn’t know have a baby I’d never meet

  • packed up my Master’s degree and hopped on the back of a handsome, tattooed doctor’s motorcycle to move to the middle of nowhere, Wyoming

  • started a business doing political and public speaking consulting

And, eventually, that tattooed doctor and I had a baby of our own, and not without complications. I spent more than a month in the hospital, and then, the NICU, with “Biscuit.”

All those things taught me some really important lessons:

  • there are some really effective ways to get people to buy into your business without ever having to “sell” or feel pushy

  • women often carry a heavy burden and sacrifice a lot for others

  • working moms need to have a lot of flexibility if they’re going to support their families

… And, in a nutshell, that’s how I ended up here.

I teach women like you exactly what to say to get their ideal customers to book and buy at their small businesses so they can get off the high-low income rollercoaster, and do the meaningful stuff that makes them feel fulfilled.

9.30 - 10.30 AM Workshop

Day 2 - Saturday May 21st

Social Media Marketing Matters!

Learn what to say to your ideal customers on social media platforms to make a consistent income.

Working with Micah in this workshop can help you feel informed, empowered, and energized to get started. And you will leave with a list of concrete action items and resources to map out your priorities.

4:00 - 5:00 PM Panel

Day 2 - Saturday May 21st

Wrap-up, Celebrate, Clarify

For the last hour of the day, all speakers, Presenters and Panelists for the day will come together for YOUR time to question, clarify and celebrate a day of learning and understanding to better enhance your learning experience.

6.00 - 10:00PM Networking

Day 1 - Friday May 20th

VIP Meet Up!

Access a sneak preview of Beast Your Biz! the evening before with this VIP event, We will have music, complimentary drinks and appetizers while you meet speakers, panelists and sponsors up close and personal. This is a fabulous way to make personal contacts with entrepreneurs to help guide you on your way to success!